EVCO Renovation achieves LEED GOLD for Commercial Interiors

EVCO Renovation achieves LEED GOLD for Commercial Interiors

Tucked in a quaint area of downtown Long Beach’s East Village Arts District, the project involves office tenant improvements and sustainable design in an adaptive reuse industrial building. In February of 2014 the project was certified LEED GOLD for Commercial Interiors. For more information about this project, go to project page.

When designing and specifying for this space, our goals were to:

  • Re-use the existing building shell structure and material finishes to extend the lifespan and long term serviceability of local building stock.
  • Reduce construction and demolition debris by using existing building systems and recycling construction materials.
  • Reduce operational costs by incorporating green building materials, equipment and fixtures.
  • Eventually promoting sustainability education through a graphics program in the space or in the project common areas.

Incorporated into our design are the following:

  • Water Use Reduction, Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems & Optimize Energy Performance – Lighting/Controls Power Low-flow plumbing fixtures.
  • Automated lighting controls with switches and occupancy sensors.
  • Manual override timer (off hours).
  • Energy-Star appliances and equipment.
  • Optimize Energy Performance – HVAC
  • Passive controls supplement the mechanical system including operating windows on both levels, an operable skylight and ceiling fan.
  • Storage and Collection of Recyclables, Building Reuse – Maintain Interior Nonstructural Components, Certified Wood, Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products
  • Wheatboard and bamboo plywood finishes.
  • Greenguard certified carpet and furnishings.