Alert Force Facility, Travis Air Force Base

Fairfield, CA


AGS, with Aetypic as consulting Architects, provided architectural and engineering services to update the existing Region Validation Final DD1391 project documentation and prepare the Region/FEC Team Final DD1391 and associated project documentation. The purpose was to validate planning requirements and develop preliminary design deliverables to support the development of a budget-ready parametric or better cost estimate for MCON and MCNR projects and to validate the current DD1391 cost estimate.


This project will construct a new Alert Force complex for the Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron THREE (VQ-3) Detachment to be located at Travis AFB.


The scope of work included the relocation, including demolition of the existing facility, and construction of a new Alert Force Complex located on a different site within Travis AFB and supporting facilities, including but not limited to five main buildings.


• Alert Facility
• Satellite Communications Facility
• Maintenance Facility
• Spares and GSE Facility
• ECP/Gatehouse


Services included: Stakeholder engagement, space programming, architectural design, building system design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, civil, geotechnical, and fire protection engineering for the complex of 5 new buildings totaling $65 million.


Fairfield, CA


MEP – YEI Engineers

Cost Estimator – OCMI

Surveyor – MNS Engineering