East Village Creative Office Tenant Improvements

Long Beach, CA

East Village Creative Offices is a creative office environment in an adaptive reuse building located in downtown Long Beach’s East Village Arts District and complements and enhances the existing arts community and creative firms. The secure 19,000 SF office-condominium project features 8 units and includes 22 on-site parking spaces. A variety of outdoor open spaces, including a shared courtyard, landscaped pedestrian paseo, and enhanced streetscape plantings encourage interaction between various tenants. The project seeks to create an environment that attracts the creative class and to significantly raise the design and quality standards on adaptive reuse projects in downtown Long Beach.

This project involves tenant improvements for one two-story 2,100 SF unit within the complex. The program includes a reception area, a multi-purpose conference area, private and open offices, kitchenette, restroom, and storage. The tenant, JLOOP (jloop.com), is an award–winning creative technology and development firm that specializes in creating memorable online experiences, primarily in the mobile space.

Designing this space became a laboratory for us to explore transformational design strategies integrated with fairly straight-forward functional requirements while incorporating modern technologies, resources and materials that meet high-performance green tenant standards.

Sustainable design practices are incorporated throughout. Through adaptive reuse, the original building shell was preserved and enhanced. New materials and building systems embrace green building practices. Drought tolerant landscaping reduces the heat island affect and alternative modes of transportation such as biking, transit and walking are encouraged. The development is the first to comply with the City Green Building Policy. This project is certified LEED Gold for Commercial Interiors.

Woyo LLC

Long Beach, CA


2,100 SF