Navy Operational Support Center, Hill Air Force Base

Ogden, UT


For the Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC), Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah. AGS/Aetypic developed the Basis of Design (BOD) and Schematic Design Documents for the 37,500 sf building. The Center program includes open and private offices, break room, training/classrooms, medical suite, locker rooms, restrooms, and administration support spaces. The project program requires compliance with LEED certification standards, Low-Impact Development (LID) principles, and stormwater management.

The Center design provides Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection features and physical security mitigation. Protection measures include mass notification systems, emergency shutoffs for ventilation systems, laminated windows, blast resistant window and door frames, and emergency lighting and signage. In preparation for the schematic design phase our AGS/Aetypic team participated in a 3-day design Charrette at Hill AFB,which included numerous air force military stakeholders which  esulted in the development of the Support Center Plan. Deliverables included a BOD report addressing 1) the scope of work, 2) the field investigation, 3) the Project Description, and 4) the Code Criteria Search listing UFC, IBC ASHRAE, NFPA, ASCE and other related reference codes, a full schematic design set of architecture/engineering drawings, cost estimates and code analysis. Despite aggressively restrictive design criteria relating to security and antiterrorism, as well as comprehensive cost restrictions, the AGS/Aetypic team was able to evolve a compelling contemporary design. The modernist building our architects have developed sits beautifully on the site, with the snowcapped Wasatch Mountains rising in the background.



Ogden, UT

Professional Services 2019

60,000 SF


MEP – YEI Engineers

Structural Engineer – BrokawDesign

Cost Estimator – OCMI